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Plant Elixir


Foliar feeding provides nutrients to your plants through small openings on stems and leaves called stomata, and research shows that they integrate them faster and with much greater ease this way than through soil fertilization. This helps to address the immediate nutritional needs of your different plants and will promote correcting any potential deficiencies, maximizing their air-filtering capabilities. Regular misting not only keeps your plants nourished and clean of dust buildup, but the hand-mixed pure botanical oils acts as a natural pest deterrent and treatment while making your space smell fresh and lovely.

Many house plants originate from tropical regions and benefit from regular misting. Spraying our plant elixir regularly will help provide several vital nutrients and the moisture your plants need for a happy and healthy life.


Shake bottle with cap tightly secured until the ingredients are combined (a few shakes). Dilute approximately 3 droppers (3 ml) for every 8 oz of water. Combine all ingredients in a spray bottle, shake up, and mist plants accordingly.


info above provided from makers, museum studio co